Sofia Akbar Interview with BBC Radio Scotland
In 2018 Sofia was contacted by BBC radio Scotland for the GMS programme regarding the issue of lack of BME representation in the education sector. A damning report had been released and a viewpoint of a person in the position was sought after. The leading question was ‘Why is there an underrepresentation of teachers in […]
She’s A Suicide Bomber
By AnonymousI have never had it that direct before.Usually it’s a comment loud enough for me to hear, but not for witnesses – “AllahuAkbar”.This time, I had witnesses. Not ones I would have chosen.The younger two kids were sat in the car in sweltering heat, desperate for ice cream. I found a store and took […]
Facing Islamophobia as a Teacher
By Anonymous​Mr Smith* asked me how it for me as an ethnic minority teacher at his school. I smiled compliantly and said it’s ok and I enjoy working here.That’s not an untruth; I love the ethos and collegiality, and my pupils. I do feel pupils see me as a teacher, although for some the difference […]